Restaurant - Vinery "Aleksandrov houses"

The capacity of “Alexandrov Houses” restaurant is 60 seats. Here the visitors are acquainted with the wide variety dishes and drinks – local specialties of the Zlatograd cuisine (klin, patatnik, sarmi, baklava and etc.) as well as specialties from Bulgarian national cuisine – sach, guiveche, shashlik, different salads, fish and deserts.

The winery is a temptation for fans and connoisseurs of the local specialties and brand drinks. Its capacity is 30 seats. Here you can taste over 50 kinds of white and red wines from different regions of Bulgaria. As “appetizer” we will offer you the right meat and fish delicacy, cheese and nuts.

Beside the open-air swimming pool of the complex is the summer garden with barbecue with total capacity 70 seats.